We value teamwork over individual productivity. We believe that it's working together and using our strengths that help us move forward. Making work fun, valuable and creating a positive impact is what teamwork means to us.

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Quarterback Team

Neha Phull

Co-founder | CEO

With over a decade of experience in building teams from scratch in the startup eco-system, Neha has her pulse on the pain points that many startup founders face. Along with being in human resources in the startup world, she has also run her own premium retail label in the sustainable fashion industry for the last four years. The ‘Quarterback’ to Quarterback has an in-depth understanding of governance, business processes and compliances. She’s currently also a mentor for startups to build and retain talent and achieve better internal & external communication.


Jubin Mishra

Co-founder | Product Head

With an in-depth experiential knowledge in marketing, data analytics and research at companies like Infiniti Research, PA Consulting, Atimi Software, Jubin brings a clear direction for creating the right product-market fit. After building and growing his own retail label, he’s now set out to push products with a larger positive impact. With 10 years of experience in the corporate world and donning his own hat as an entrepreneur in retail, he brings a clear direction to building products that startups need and want.


Manas Agarwal

Advisory | Business

With a strong affinity to start something new, Manas has been a serial entrepreneur. An IIT KGP graduate, and an MBA in Analytical Finance from ISB, he has a visionary leadership style with a problem solving acumen.


Ankit Agarwal

Advisory | Technology

With over 9 years of experience in building software applications and products, Ankit is a go-getter tech ninja. His meticulous style of working and deep knowledge in building scalable systems, has helped him develop tech solutions from blueprints to the final products.

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